Results of Nominees for 2020

As you know, nominations have now closed for a handful of positions within our union and for the first time in CUPE 911(1019) history, we will be facilitating an ONLINE ELECTION in January *paper elections will still be available for the dinosaurs among us ;)*
Details to be posted soon.
Here are the official nominees for your consideration
O’Grady Mike – acclaimed- congratulations mike!
Steward (2 positions):
Derek Scott
Darlene Holmberg Perkins
Tracey Groszeibl
Mike Varey
Steve Fryers
Equality Officer (new position, executive board):
Jess Gi-Br
Mike Biggin
Treasurer (executive board):
Robynn Clarke
Cory Brunarski
Kyle Gemmill
All above positions are for 2 year terms.
Our president Jon Brunarski has also appointed brother Tim Harrold as our Cheif Elections Officer. With the assistance of the committee (Mary Homorodean and Tim Kares) he will be in charge of running the election process, monitoring campaigns to ensure they stay within the guidelines and all other tasks associated with the election.
Best of luck to all our nominees! Please stay tuned for important updates on our new election process!