UPDATED GMM Notice November 20th 2019

UPDATED GMM for November 20th 2019

Location: CUPE 911 Union Hall. 133 Front Street North, Thorold, Ontario

Date: Wednesday, November 20th

TIME: 09:00 & 19:30

What is on the AGENDA – UPDATED:

  • General Union Business
  • Will be taking nominations for a Trustee
  • Will be taking nominations for Steward (2 positions)
  • Will be taking nominations for an Equality Officer
  • Will be taking nominations for Treasurer
  • Appointing a Chief Election Officer and an Election Committee
  • Appointing 2 members for the Scheduling Committee
  • Motion to donate a raffle basket for the annual Mike Stokes Union school

The above nominations will be elected at the January 2020 GMM

For further details on changes to a GMM or information on the positions above, look on this web page www.911.CUPE.ca and review our current bylaws.